“Neige molle. Tendre neige. Neige encore. Et la peau
floconne à travers la chair avec douce lenteur.”
(B. Noel)

Mediterranea 16 extended until September 1st‏

In order to strengthen the presence of contemporary art in the Marche Region territory and to create a link among Mediterranea 16 and the two Festivals which are going to animate the Mole Vanvitelliana during the whole summer, Amo la Mole and Adriatico Mediterraneo, we are glad to announce that the City of Ancona has decided to extend Mediterranea 16 Biennial until September 1st 2013.


Selected artists

Visioni Future participation, curated by Manuela Valentini: Karmil Cardone (IT) | Fabrizio Cotognini (IT) | Giulia Manfredi (IT) | Valentina Miorandi (IT) | Laura Paoletti (IT) | Luca Pozzi (IT) | Ivano Troisi (IT)